Trip # 3 Black Rapids Lock 13

Location GPS: Black Rapids @45.321466,-75.698036
Camera: FinePix XP50
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Arriving by car from Long Island Lock around 4pm Saturday afternoon it was clear to me that this was a perfect location and had camp set up on the north west meadow by 5 and the kayak in the water a half hour later.

I paddled north lazily for a few km enjoying the landscape and wonderful homes that backed on to the river. I discovered a swinging rope and was considering giving it a go when a motor boat zipped in and tied up. To my amazement it was a family of 5 and they brought a home made ladder with them. Dad set the ladder up and sent the eldest son off on a swinging arc out over the water for a spectacular splash. All the kids joined in and had a great time until about 40 minutes later they sped off, leaving the ladder for the next people to enjoy.

Black Rapids Lock to Hogs Back lock is about 10 km return.

Sunday morning I paddled north along the same route and continued on past the swing rope to Mooneys Bay. The lockmaster had informed me that the Rideau Canoe Club (next to Hogs Back Lock) was hosting races that morning so I was excited to watch them from my kayak.


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