Evolving kayak and camping skills

or how I learned to paddle all day tirelessly and not drown or be eaten alive

I have been something of a water rat all my life. I enjoy swimming, diving, canoeing, windsurfing, water-skiing and of course kayaking. I am totally a water enthusiast and with the exception of dingy and cruising sailboats am self taught. So learn from my mistakes at your own risk. I am also professional photographer and creative director but that is a different website.

I started kayaking in Toronto enjoying Lake Ontario as well as the Humber and Credit rivers. Soon I was making casual trips on the Rideau Waterway and the surrounding Frontenac region. It is a fantastic sport that offers opportunity to exercise, learn new things, meditate, and get into nature while minutes from the urban jungle.

As my confidence and experience grew, I started to dream of “Kayak Expeditions”. This site documents that dream coming true in a series of fortunate misadventures. It took a lot of researching on Google, asking questions and trying things out for myself.

I started out by reading about day trips others had shared on their web sites. These sites shared important practical notes like where to park, where to put in the kayak and how long to expect the trip to take. Having spent time on the Rideau Waterway for summer vacations I knew the area well and was ready to experiment.

My first and second trips entailed driving into several lockstations and exploring the lakes and rivers on day trips. I was learning what gear I’d need and how to do the basics like not get lost looking for the lockstation road for an hour and look reasonably skilled getting into a kayak.

On my 3rd journey I started kayaking to destinations and camping over-nite before returning to the safety of my car. I learned a few things about racoons and where not to keep food.

For trips #4, #5 and #6 I planned back-country trips lasting 3 to 5 days that were the most rewarding by far. I could read a map, compass and not get too lost even in fog.

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This site is still evolving as I add content and refine the navigation and presentation. I hope you find it a worthwhile experience.  -Geo