Trip # 3 Hogs Back Locks 11-12

Location GPS: Hogs Back Lockstation @45.36992097836802,-75.69897651672363
Camera: FinePix XP50
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Departing from Black Rapids lock I paddled up the Rideau River to Mooney’s Bay towards Ottawa.

At the northern end of the bay is the pair of locks at Hogs Back and he Rideau Canoe Club. Sunday was the regionals race day so it was a fantastic time to rest up a bit by floating around watching others paddle their guts out.

I was back at the Black Rapids Lock by 12:30pm and pack up and on the road again. I had a few visits with friends in Ottawa and then was planning to head back out to Narrows Lock that evening. I was expecting to paddle into Colonel By Island for an extended trip of 4 or 5 days.

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