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Trip # 1 Jones Falls Locks 39-42 | Kayaking Rideau

Trip # 1 Jones Falls Locks 39-42

Location GPS: N 44° 32.760' W 76° 14.300'
Camera: Lumix DMC-FH22
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I arrived at Jones Falls around 3 in the afternoon after stopping at Jennies Chip Wagon on Chaffeys Lock Road and Hwy 15. I explored the lock grounds for quite a while considering where to pitch my tent.

The lockstation comprises a flight of three locks down to the Hotel Kenny and a single lock up to Sand Lake from a turning basin. I opted for the lush grass at the start of a trail that leads around the turning basin to the blacksmith shop on the north side of the turning basin.

Camp comfortably set up, I paddled across the turning basin and portaged around the top lock into Sand Lake around 5pm. I know this lake very well and enjoyed the warm afternoon light as I paddled the meandering cut up past Sand Lake Marine and into Eel bay. There is a small passage into Hanlon Bay where there was once a bridge to Birch Island, which lead me into the main body of the lake.

I paddled further west and then turned north up to Davis Lock where I inspected the lock for camping sites. I returned along north shore all the way to Jones Falls.

Jones Falls to Davis return is about 15km

The next morning I portaged down to Whitefish lake and paddled past Hog Island and turned into Morton Creek at Dean’s Island. This is a wonderfully tranquil passage out to Morton Dam. The shoreline sweeps up dramatically 90 meters or more to Rock Dunder where a 230 acre wilderness preserve offers several hiking trails. I stopped for lunch at the Dam. On the loop back there were a number of folks accessing the trails from their canoes and kid jumping from 10 meter cliffs. I arrived back at camp mid afternoon and visited the blacksmith where I made a pioneer nail. In the evening I spend time with my maps deciding where I’d go in the morning.

Jones Falls to Morton Dam return is about 11km


  • The map on the top left is interactive so you can zoom in and explore the features mentioned.

Things learned!

  • The Lockmaster and crew know a lot about the area and its history!