Trip # 3 Long Island Locks 14-16

Location GPS: Long Island Lockstation @45.250582,-75.701719
Camera: FinePix XP50
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Arriving back at Poonamalie boat launch about 10am, I was packed up and ready to roll by 11.

Heading up to Ottawa for a few visits, I had not planned the next leg of my trip. After Smiths Falls I diverted off highway 15 to the Heritage River Road Route that runs along the canal. Manotick is a nice town and I explored it for a little while before proceeding to Long Island Locks. I wanted to be close to Ottawa so this seemed to fit the bill. The lock grounds are very well maintained and a heavily used picnic ground. The paddling looked to be excellent. The camping, however, seemed like it would be strange with such a high volume of visitors.

I decided to continue on and take a look at Black Rapids Lock.