Trip # 3 Lower Brewers Lock 45

Location GPS: N 44º 23.350' W 76º 19.500'
Camera: Lumix DMC-FH22
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Arriving at Lower Brewers Lock I disembarked on a dock covered with and inch of Canada Goose poo.

I thru my towel down first (yuk) and gathered all my gear to a nearby picnic table. As soon as everything was safe ashore I returned to the dock and scoped out my new problem. I shoved my paddle into the water and found it to be almost 2.5 meters deep. Not too bad (gaaaaah!). After about a half hour of diving into opaque green water I finally grabbed the camera strap and pulled my Lumix back to the surface. While the camera dried out on the hood of my car I fried up the last of my eggs and cheese.

The weather was starting to turn bad and thunderstorms were on the way. Poonamalie and Chaffeys were my best bet to weather a storm.

Upper to Lower Brewers is about 3km one way.

Things learned!

  • Disaster can strike anytime!
  • Its all fun ’till the camera sinks to the bottom of the river.
  • Get floaty things and attach them to stuff you never want to loose. Car keys anyone?