Trip #5 Murphys Point Provincial Park

Location GPS: Murphys Point Boat Launch @44.78015966090115,-76.21702909469604
Camera: FinePix XP50
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Arriving at the Murphys Point boat launch much later than planned, I had barely an hour to get the kayak off the car, loaded and underway before the sun set. The backcountry campsite location was not familiar to me and while I had good maps I really hustled to get going.

The Rideau backcountry location has two campsites on either end of an island. The first one was taken so I continued around to a beach on the south west side. I had just enough light to get the tent up before I was plunged into darkness. In the morning I paddled back to the camp office and bought some firewood for the next few nights.

Boat launch to Rideau Backcountry sites is about 1/2 km.

Over the next four days I became the sole survivor on my little island and had a fantastic time paddling, hiking and overwise enjoying the sun and a really fine location. The water was glass still most mornings and aggressively white-capped by evening. I moved my camp to a different location on the island each morning and enjoyed campfires in the evenings.

While I was on Colonel By Island I paddled to Pine Point looking for Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. I actually missed my current campsite by a full kilometer which indicates how natural the waterline is!

Boat launch to Colonel By Island is about 11 km return.

My kayaking was generally fairly light and were most often trips northwest toward Rideau Ferry. Adam’s Lake is a bit hard to find the first time but is well worth it. The entrance is through a very narrow boathouse lane and then opens up into a wonderfully quite bay.

Boat launch into Adams Lake and return is about 11 km.

I also explored Noble Bay to locate the other backcountry camps with the thought that I might move camp if they were interesting which they are. The sites all offer 4-5 camps at each location and one of them had posted notes to be mindful of food scraps as racoons at that location were aggressive.

Boat launch into Nobel Bay and return is about 10 km.

Between paddles I spent time hiking the trails inland from my little island. I didn’t pack hiking gear so was very careful not sprain an ankle or step in poison ivy.

Boat launch Rideau Ferry is about 20 km return.

I left on friday morning as the area started to bustle with weekend visitors. My next stop was at Davis Lock and another visit to Crosby Market and friends on Sand Lake.

Things learned!

  • Campfires are a welcome treat for a kayaker.
  • Your food needs to be sealed tight and suspended at least 2 metres from ground or tree trunk.