Trip # 4 Narrows Lock 35

Location GPS: N 44º 42.180' W 76º 17.730'
Camera: Fuji FinePix XP50
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Traveling south from Ottawa I arrived at Narrows Lock about 6pm Sunday night.

I set up on the south east lawn beside the historic Blockhouse. The plan was to visit Crosby Flea Market in the morning and head off to Colonel By Island for a 5 day visit. I was surprised by how little information on the island I’d been able to find on the Internet and while the lockmasters all had stories about the place I wasn’t sure what I’d find there.

Monday around noon, kayak loaded, and the lake luckily calm I headed east into the Big Rideau. It took about two hours to cover the short distance as I explored a few islands on the way in.

Narrows to Colonel By Island is about 3.5 km.

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