Trip # 3 Upper and Lower Beveridges – Locks 33-34

Location GPS: N 44º 52.500' W 76º 08.375'
Camera: FinePix XP50
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Departing west from Poonamalie the canal wanders through a stone wall channel until opening out on to Lower Rideau Lake where there is a “mud cut” for canoes and kayaks.

This shortcut takes you through a shallow marshland and saves several km off the passage. The sky continued to clear through the morning and by the time I arrived at Beveridges Lockstation the sun was hot. I set my camp up on the south side and hung my sleeping bag and other things from a line to dry.

Poonamalie to Beveridges Lock is about 11.5 km.

Continuing onwards I arrived at Upper Beveridges Lock and portaged around. Shortly after the narrow channel opened up on to the Tay Marsh which was spectacularly flat. The marsh route is clearly marked with navigation bouys as it wanders northward to Perth.

Approaching Perth the waterway again closes in to a wonderful tree lined channel. I tied up at the Town Dock and went to town to explore and enjoy some lunch.

The wind was up a bit on the way back which was nice because the sun was really hot and the breeze was as welcome as it was challenging. This was one of my longest single day trips at 30 km.

Beveridges Lock to Perth and return is about 19 km.

I’d be heading back to Poonamalie in the morning.

Things learned!

  • Bring extra rope long enough to fashion an impromtu clothes line!
  • Bring lots of water.
  • Wear layers so you can remain comfortable as the day’s weather changes.

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